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"It feels dark, cold, and eerie, yet manages to feel strangely warm thanks to the comedic relationship"

- Pixels for Breakfast

Take control of shovel-master Fagus in this curious blend of whimsical English comedy and grim Dickensian horror. Dig graves, collect treasure, run for your life.
  • 18 Dickensian graveyards
  • 5 ghost types with individual AI
  • 1 unlockable bonus graveyard
  • 1 gravel-voiced grave robber
  • And some of the worst voice acting you will ever hear


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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Icon

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The Grave Digger Has No Body To Play With

"Home Groan Games have released a trailer for their corpse-exhumation adventure"

"I am sure no-one can really resist a game about selling dead bits for profit."

Ordinary Gamer Icon

Ordinary Gamer

An enjoyable jaunt into the skulduggery of robbing the dead

"If you are looking for a simple stealth adventure with an unconventional dry humour, then I would recommend The Grave Digger."

Oprainfall Icon


It's a creepy-looking dude robbing graves! I had to have it!

"The sound effects and the music in The Grave Digger are spectacular! They enhance the game in all aspects. Creepy things become creepier, for sure!"

Pixels For Breakfast Icon

Pixels For Breakfast

Messy Business, Great Reward

"a fun and well thought-out puzzle game that manages to take the morbid thought of grave robbing, and turns it into a fun adventure"

Critical Indie Gamer Icon

Critical Indie Gamer

Gotta pay the rent though

"The Grave Digger is a good purchase for those looking to rob a few graves without the fear of Johnny Law knocking at the door."

Joystiq Icon


all the grave-robbing ghosts you ever wanted

"This trailer has everything - Inception horn, a Dark Knight voiceover, spooky graveyard sound effects, Holmesian investigation music and a funny teaser after the credits."

Choose Your Class Icon

Choose Your Class

7 out of 10

"this game brings a lot to the table; from ghosts and grave digging to puzzles and... well... being chased by terrible ghosts that want to kill you."

Indie Statik Icon

Indie Statik

Desperation Leads To Corpse Robbing In The Grave Digger

"What I loved about The Grave Digger from the start was the opening cinematic." "this seems very British to me, and probably explains why these odd characters speak to me."

Mash Those Buttons Icon

Mash Those Buttons

3.7 out of 5

"How do you make grave robbing into a video game? Ask Home Groan Games, as they made a fun romp through picking over corpses in The Grave Digger."




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